Data Science Learning Plan

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The following link is for a simple test that will tell you if you are eligible of becoming a data scientist :

قبل ما تبدأ تذاكر لتخصص علم البيانات ، اعمل الاختبار التالي عشان تعرف هل التخصص مناسب لك أم لا

تم وضع اختبار بسيط ، ويعتمد هذا الاختبار على صفات يجب ان يمتلكها أي محلل ،الطريقة انه بعد قراءة كل سؤال سجل لنفسك علامة من العلامات المذكورة بجانب كل سؤال ، إذا كانت علاماتك من 70 وأعلى معناه إنه التخصص مناسب لك ، أما إذا أقل من 50 فيجب عليك إعادة النظر في الموضوع

Data Science Test

إذا كانت علاماتك 70 فأعلى ، انقر على الرابط التالي

The following link is for the Data Science Learning Path

Data Science Learning Path

To Watch the explanation on YouTube click the following link:


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Introduction to Big Data Lesson 5

Lecture 5


  • What is Variety in Big data?
  • What is Structured data and Unstructured data and Multistructred data?



Variety point to the many sources and types of data both structured and unstructured.We used to store data from sources like spreadsheets and databases. Now data comes in the form of emails, photos, videos, monitoring devices, PDFs, audio, etc. This variety of unstructured data creates problems for storage, mining and analyzing.

Structured data: refers to a data which are contained in relational databases and spreadsheets.

Unstructured data: is all those data that can’t be so readily classified and fit into a neat box: photos and graphic images, videos, streaming instrument data, webpages, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, emails, blog entries,tweets, wikis and word processing documents

Multi-structured data refers to a variety of data formats and types and can be derived from interactions between people and machines, such as web applications or social networks. A great example is web log data, which includes a combination of text and visual images along with structured data like form or transactional information







Introduction to Big Data Lesson 4

Velocity, in Big data means that data is being generated very fast, it also, refers to the speed of storing data and analyzing it, usually, the data used to get generated by people, but now we have social media, a security cameras at airports, sensors, smartphones, smart wearable devices like Apple watch and Samsung GEAR, The flow of data is huge and continuous.This real-time data can help researchers and businesses make valuable decisions that provide strategic competitive advantages and ROI (Return on investment).

You can see the speed of data being generated in real time by visiting the website: