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The MIS blog was established for the purpose of educating not just students of this field, but of every major about the spectacular yet highly misunderstood major of Management Information Systems.

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The Blog Contains articles in the field of Self Development – MIS – Data Science Big Data and Soon in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and other related field.


This is probably the most confusing dichotomy that high school students face when they are deciding what career path to...

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Fahad Masood Reda is a Data Science Instructor and MIS ( Management Information Systems) Mentor. He helped many students in understanding Data Science Concepts since 2016,Mentored hundred of students in the field of MIS ( Management Information Systems) via his website and social media channels ,He holds Bachelor degree in the field of Management Information systems and Masters degree in Computer Information Systems (Master Thesis in the field of Data Science ),and WordPress Master for more than 8 years and currently working as a consultant in the field of Online Business and Online Education.

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