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Hi! My name is Fahad Masood Reda, an MIS (Management Information Systems) and Data Science Mentor and a life coach, from Saudi Arabia. I hold a BSc in MIS and Masters in Computer Information systems in the field of Data Science from King Abdulaziz University. In 2008 I started mentoring MIS students locally and in 2014 I started my blog(TheMIS)so I can reach more people, Now I mentor and teach in the field of MIS and Data Science and WordPress Globally via meetups and Online webinars, and my blog and YouTube Channel, I’m passionate about helping other people achieve their potential through all aspects of their life

– ✨Vision✨ –

To be the only source every MIS Student’s needs in order to know more about this amazing major

-💡 Mission💡 –

To provide easy-to-understand information and Courses about MIS

and all related subtopics that enhance readers’ information in the best way.

-🎯 Goals 🎯 –

In this blog, you will be presented by:

– 📖 Story Behind Creating this blog 📖 –

The MIS blog was established for the purpose of educating not just students of this field, but of every major, about the spectacular yet highly misunderstood major of Management Information Systems. It is easy to base conclusions on assumptions and common word of mouth about a particular topic, and that’s precisely why we saw the need for this blog. We post weekly articles pertaining to what MIS is as a field, how it is different from other “computer” majors, and interesting subtopics students can discover in this major and perhaps pursue as a career. I know you like to listen to stories, here is the story of how this blog came into existence

Let’s go back in time ( in 2007 to be precise) when I Just finished my first year in my Bachelor degree in Business Administration from (KAU) King Abdulaziz University, and Just like any other student I was looking for a major to choose and these were the available majors ( Finance – Marketing – MIS – Economics – Accounting – Quality management – International business( so as you can see with these majors it was very difficult for me to choose, so I kept asking around about these majors, till one of my professors told me to enroll in MIS ( Back then I didn’t know what MIS was ) I told him why do you want me to enroll in MIS, he was like you are good with computers and I saw your mark you got 98 on CS course ( CS Stands for Computer skills and it is a mandatory course for any KAU student ) and this professor used to teach using PowerPoint slides and every time his computer lags I fix it for him, and I actually wanted to get into IT from Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, but back then ( 2007) the faculty didn’t exist, so MIS was the only option for me if I wanted to enroll into a major which has computers and technology involved, so I enrolled into MIS, after enrolling I didn’t like the curriculum of the major and the topics that was covered,so I searched on the internet for the best universities that teaches MIS, and I found that the University of Texas has the best MIS program, luckily I found a student on Facebook who was studying MIS at the same university so he used to send me the syllabus of the courses he is taking and I used to buy the books from amazon and study from both programs, it was very hard, but I was enjoying it and I really learned a lot from those books, I also learned from my professors as some of they were working as consultants for some big companies besides being a college professor, after finishing my first year in MIS, I found out that my colleagues were just memorizing the slides and they had no idea what MIS really is and what type of jobs you can get and what type of skills that they should acquire in order to get a job in the MIS field, so then I started to teach my colleagues about MIS and share with them the knowledge that I was getting from those books that I bought, in a few months I started to get invites on my Facebook account from MIS Students across the middle east, so by 2009 I started giving a short lectures at my college’s club, then I started a blog (not this one) to share my knowledge but just like anyone else I got busy with work and didn’t pay attention to it, but I was still getting invites on my social media accounts from MIS students, so then I decided to start another blog (a FRESH start!) so in 2014, I started this blog which aims to help MIS students (from around the world ) to understand this major and guide them through their journey. Hope you enjoyed reading my story as I enjoyed writing it for you.

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