Datasets Resources for Data Science Projects — Part 1

As Data Science Practitioner, most of us find difficulty in finding the right dataset for our projects, and lately, I’ve been getting a lot of messages from my followers, asking my guidance in helping them to find the best dataset for their project, so I gathered a few websites that offer a good amount of datasets

1- KDDCUP Archive

KDDCup is an annual competition for data science practitioners, and I highly recommend that you pick your dataset from this site as it is in a raw format and most of the time it’s in a high volume, so they are perfect if you are doing Masters or PhD

You can also filter the dataset by their type ( text data for NLP projects — Images for Computer vision..etc)

KddCup – datasets
Datasets by data types
datasets by their data types

A free datasets search engine from Google that helps you find datasets, it contains over 25 million datasets

3- UCI Machine Learning Repository

All the datasets were uploaded by the users and you can filter them by attribute and data type and area of expertise

UCI ML Repository


An online machine learning platform for sharing and organizing data with more than 21.000 datasets


5- Wikipedia

A very well organized repository for different types of datasets from Wikipedia

Machine Learning Datasets from Wikipedia

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