BONUS PAGE for My Online Courses

Here you will find Discount Codes for famous sites

1- Courses taught in English

1- Management Information Systems Student’s Journey

If You are an MIS Student, then you need this course

2- Learn Obsidian from Scratch – Course #1

If you are new to Obsidian then this Course is for you

3- Improve your Productivity by using Obsidian – Course #2

Improve your productivity and learn how to take notes using Obsidian

4- Learn Basics of Obsidian: The Canvas Plugin – Course #3

Master your way through the Obsidian app and learn how to use the CANVAS plugin properly

5- Learn Basics of Obsidian: Mastering Study Notes – Course #4

Unlock the Power of Productive Learning Through Advanced Note-Taking with Obsidian

6- R Programming for Complete Beginners

Learn R Programming with R Studio. and Start your Journey in the field of Machine Learning, Data Science, Academia

7- Learn Python for Data Science in English

If you want to start your journey in Data Science by studying Python then this course is for you

2- Courses taught in Arabic

1- Learn R Programming in Arabic Part 1 تعلم لغة آر للمبتدئين

تعلم لغة آر بالطريقة الصحيحة وابدأ رحلتك في مجال تحليل البيانات وعلم البيانات والأكاديمية

2- Learn Obsidian from Scratch | تعلم أساسيات أوبسديان

3- زد من انتاجيتك عن طريق برنامج اوبسيديان

4- Basics of Obsidian: The Canvas Plugin in Arabic

5- تعلم أوبسديان – طرق أخذ الملاحظات أثناء الدراسة

6- Learn Python for Data Science for Beginners in Arabic

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  1. Syed mohammed Umar Muzaffar

    Good teaching skills sir
    I have learned many things as a beginner
    I clear my thoughts about data science
    Love from Pakistan

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