Datasets Resources for Data Science Projects — Part 2

In this article, I continue to add more resources that will help you to find the perfect dataset for your next data science project, don’t forget to check the part1 of this series, and support me on Medium, and my other social media accounts


This site contains a diverse set of datasets that can be used to do some basic to advanced projects

Kaggle datasets

2-Visual data

Here you will find Computer vision-related datasets

Visual data

3- CMU Libraries

A Collection of high-quality datasets that were collected by Huajin Wang, at Carnegie Mellon University

CMU Datasets

4- The Big Bad NLP Database

Here you will find datasets related to NLP Projects

Big NLP Datasets

5- Earth Data

For those who are interested in geo-related datasets about the earth and climate change

Nasa Earth data

6- Azure Open Datasets

High quality of datasets presented from Microsoft Azure

Azure datasets

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