Introduction to Big Data Lesson 2


  • Application of Big Data for Consumers


  • Apple Siri and Google Now

When you ask Siri or Google Now for the nearest restaurant it uses your GPS location and process a massive amount of data (Big data) so it can give you an accurate recommendation


  • Spotify or Soundcloud

an on-demand music service, uses Hadoop big data analytics, to collect data from its millions of users worldwide and then uses the analyzed data to give informed music recommendations to individual users.

  • Amazon Recommendation

When you search for a book on amazon and then you scroll down, you will see some recommendation from amazon, suggesting you to buy the following book, it uses big data to show you similar books according to the book you are checking out.

  • Netflix

When you watch a specific type of movie of a TV show, from your watching list Netflix will recommend you to other similar shows to watch

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