Introduction to Big Data Lesson 1



  • What is Big Data?
  • Why big data? ( reasons of having big data)
  • 3 Vs of Big Data ( Volume- Velocity- Variety)


What is Big Data ? ( Arabic)

(البيانات الضخمة )

هي عبارة عن مجموعة البيانات الضخمة جداً والمعقدة لدرجة أنه يُصبح من الصعب معالجتها باستخدام أداة واحدة فقط من أدوات إدارة قواعد البيانات أو باستخدام تطبيقات معالجة البيانات التقليدية

  • What is big data and 3 Vs of Big Data ? (English)

Big data is similar to Regular data but in a high volume ( very big in size),and it’s getting generated in high velocity( very  fast) and its more than one type of data ( variety), so big data is in a simple terms a data that cant be fit in a regular computer and needs special type of storage and new ways of techniques to manage it ( it can’t be stored in a regular databases like Access or oracle)

  • Why Big Data?
    • Increase of storage capacities (like cloud computing – virtual drives – USB with gigabyte and terabyte of storage)
    • Increase of processing power (availability of Supercomputer- and smart computer like IBM Watson)
    • Availability of data (usually the data used to get generated by people , but now machines generates data as well , like in airports cameras are connected to software’s for facial recognition, in supermarkets previously very few who used to pay with ATM, now almost most of the people owns master card, growth of E-commerce like Amazon and Ebay..etc)


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