MIS or IT…which one?

Previously, we dug in deeper into the differences of MIS vs CIS, and MIS vs CS. In this post, we will examine the differences between Management Information Systems (MIS) and Information Technology (IT).

MIS and IT are not entirely different; rather IT is a specific subset of the larger MIS field. In other words, MIS is a larger infrastructure and IT is a component of that infrastructure. For example, MIS may analyze departmental issues and support management in taking better, technically informed and more strategic decisions through certain objectives. In this case, IT will be the supporting platform to reach those MIS objectives.

The most encompassing definition of IT would be anything related to computers or computing technology, which essentially includes hardware, software, internet, and networking. What connects both MIS and IT is this:  a company with an excellent IT framework, will find it easier to design, develop and deploy an MIS.

A career in information technology often requires a degree in computer or information science which requires the study of topics such as mathematics, database design, computer science, and programming languages. Such a degree can offer several career paths such as the following:

  • Network or database administration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Computer programming
  • Software development

The illustration below sums up the comparison of the two fields of study:


Bottom line? When deciding which of these computer-related paths to pursue, it’s essential to be clear and detailed about what exactly you are looking for in your career. By fully understanding the differences and similarities between MIS and IT through systematic research and evaluation, prospective students such as yourself can better select an educational path, and hence a career path.

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